Quick Ways to Earn Extra Cash… TODAY

Sometimes we need money on the fly.

It could be for a gift for your partner’s forgotten birthday, paying down a credit card, or a last-minute road trip. You’re the master of budgets, but you’d rather not mess it up with an unforeseen expense.

So what to do? You need money now.

What are great ways to bring in some extra cash?

You can leverage your social network and look for small jobs. Someone might be traveling soon and need a pet sitter. Maybe they have a stack of IKEA furniture waiting to be put together (the real test of a relationship!). Sites like TaskRabbit are a great way to branch out and take your gig public.

Consider a yard sale. It doesn’t have to take much more effort than dragging your unused swag to your lawn. Make sure to advertise in every possible way to attract shoppers. Get your kids involved with a small bake sale table or lemonade stand (even better, they can learn the valuable art of negotiation by selling their old toys and sports equipment).

Or, you could skip the yard sale and sell your goods to a consignment store. They are a great way to unload gently used quality clothing or furniture for a profit, freeing up space in your home and filling up space in your wallet — it’s win-win!

This one might take a bit more planning, but if you’ve got a green thumb, there’s money to be had selling your homegrown fruits and vegetables. Take it a step further and learn how to can and make jams, jellies, and pickles with your bumper crop.

You could also explore online options to make money. Websites like Fiverr.com are a potential income source, and a chance to put your skills to work.

Need a bigger idea than a yard sale for your goals – or maybe an expert on your side to walk you through the bigger picture? Book a 15-minute consultation and chat about your plan, to discuss ways we can help you make a plan that simplifies your “now” financial needs while planning for the future.