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Lee Hyder & Associates: The Professional Financial Team to Empower You For Your Future Financial Journey

If you’ve got a question about finance, we have a resource for it. As thanks for visiting, enjoy one (or more) of my recent books — free to download.

You face decisions every day.

And your financial decisions can have profound effects on other areas of your life.

Take control of your future financial journey with a fiduciary, professional financial advisor.

You make the decisions. We empower you with a sound wealth management strategy.

We offer many specialties in our planning process.

But everyone can expect the same client care and attention.

A Professional Financial Retirement Plan From a Financial Advisor in Akron

Whether you’re from the Buckeye State or further afield, our office can serve you as you plan for and navigate retirement.

Our core client service approach focuses on key areas for retirement and your future financial health, including:

  • IRA Planning: Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a cornerstone of your success. We will help you understand the appropriate risk management for your goal and make sure that the investment strategy is sound — are you in cash, bonds, a mutual fund, ETFs (Exchange-Traded Fund), index fund, cryptoassets or other investment options? How can you navigate these asset classes to make sure your retirement goals stay in focus, and you utilize the tax benefits of your plan to make the most of your investment account and also avoid any fees and fines of changing United States rules and regulations?
  • Estate Planning: As a holistic, fiduciary financial planner, I know that leaving a legacy to your loved ones might be a part of your life goals. We work with your attorney to establish estate plans, trust funds, a will, and other strategies that will serve as asset protection for your family when you’re gone.
  • Tax Reduction: All investment choices come with tax consequences. We help you navigate the rules on retirement savings and investments to make sure you maximize what you keep, such as planning strategies on maximizing your plan contributions to your Roth IRA or Roth 401 k and on when to rollover your employer-sponsored plan to an IRA.
  • Wealth Management and Retirement Planning: Our approach as a wealth manager and investment advisor isn’t one of “Do as I say.” We value our client relationships and offer investment advice geared towards your situation. We put education of the client first and foremost. But you don’t have to take my word for it — and you shouldn’t! Read our library of finance content and send over a complimentary consultation request.
  • Insurance Services: An investment plan is more than what you put in the stock market. It also includes an investment in yourself and avoiding future financial losses: unfortunate death, injury, or illness that could cost you and your family your savings, your real estate, and your quality of life. We consider your situation as part of our planning services and discuss whether a life insurance policy or other insurance products would be a smart choice for asset protection.

Professional Financial Insight on How to Protect Assets from Divorce

Of all the decisions you get to make in life, one nobody wants to have to make is whether to go through a divorce.

But once that decision has been made and the divorce proceedings are finished, there are many other questions: what will happen to my retirement account, my Social Security benefits, my bank account?

Your divorce attorney or family law attorney helps with the divorce process, but who can help you with your investment objective after settlement? Who will support you in your future financial choices?

I invite you to download my resource on investment options for your settlement. We also have resources just for you so you’re not alone in navigating this whirlwind grapple with divorce law.

Getting the Most From Your 401k With Professional Financial Support

Gone are the days of being able to rely on pensions or Social Security to carry our retirement plans.

But most of us still receive an employer-sponsored retirement account of some sort. And the plan sponsor may work with a financial advisor 401k-approved. Not all investment managers work with self-directed brokerage accounts (SDBAs), but if you can find an independent financial advisor who will manage the portfolio for your employer plan, plan participants can reap the rewards.

Many people also have recently lost their job or quit in the Great Resignation. If you’re not careful, you might end up leaving your employer-sponsored retirement account with your old company. But you can rollover all your previous plans and maximize your compound interest. Ask me how.

If you’re not sure whether you already have a plan advisor through your employee benefits or can work with one to improve your 401k portfolio management, ask your HR department or schedule a consultation request.

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Now’s the Time For Your Professional Financial Consultation With Lee Hyder

With over 23 years of industry experience, we at Lee Hyder & Associates have walked alongside hundreds of people worried about thier retirement, including professionals, business owners, and divorcees.

I’ve seen many uncertain about trusting another wealth manager after working with an investment advisory firm that had portfolio managers who ignored risk tolerance and tried to increase their own gain instead of working in their client’s best interest.

If you’ve said, “I feel better about meeting a fiduciary financial advisor near me,” our office is open to you. We also serve clients virtually and have a track record of strong client relationships.

Go ahead, browse through our resources, and find our contact information. We don’t work with everyone, but a consultation request is complimentary and no pressure. If you’ve made it this far, we look forward to talking with you. Here’s my calendar for an income & retirement strategy call.