Resources and Groups for Divorcees

Welcome to our page on divorce resources — I don’t know if I should say “welcome” or “I’m sorry” that you’re looking for groups for divorcees.

But I do know how challenging divorce is, and how important it is to have a community help you through the process.

We hope you find the information below useful as you work on coping with your experience.

Are you considering therapy first or just starting the divorce process?

Resources and Groups for Divorcees Before Becoming a Divorcee

Depending on your situation, you might still be attending couples therapy, family therapy, or personally seeing a mental health professional.

If you are considering your options or just beginning to navigate the stress of divorce, the following resources are perfect for you:

  • Does a spouse struggle with substance abuse? Understand some of the issues and possibilities in saving your marriage from addiction in this blog.
  • The Center for Principled Family Advocacy: Is it possible to divorce without letting anger rule the proceedings, especially in cases of infidelity or domestic violence? Find information on non-litigated divorce here.
  • Research 10 things you should know about divorce before hiring your lawyer.
  • The Lilac Tree: This organization offers a space to support women through and after divorce.
  • Investopedia: Sometimes, you want to read through the nuts and bolts without going to a law firm. Understand the basic experience of divorce so it feels less scary.

Do You Have Children?

Resources and Groups for Divorcees Helping Their Children

Divorce is more difficult when children are involved. They need extra empathy, love, and compassion at a time when their now single parent is at risk of not coping with her own feelings.

Here are resources to help make sure child support doesn’t just mean money.

  • Milavetz Law: Expert advice on the effects of divorce on children and advice on managing the pain.
  • Assisting Our Kids: An educational, online community whose resources can help fulfill court demands for parent education.
  • A child support group that focuses on coping with parental loss through divorce without shame, guilt, or reinforcing negative behavior.
  • DivorceCare4Kids: Another support group for children ages 5-12 to help them with mental health. Parental resources are also available.
  • I am a Child of Divorce: Aged-based resources for children and adults coping with the stress of divorce.

Support Groups for Divorcees — In Person and Virtual

Above all, you need to seek a mental health counselor or peer support group to process your own emotions — grief, stress, pain, anxiety, or however you’re feeling. There is a safe space out there for you to process your loneliness and uncertainty.

And in today’s age, both online and offline options allow you to find peer support or a health professional in a setting you’re most comfortable in.

You have our support searching for your ideal groups for divorcees.

We’ll continue to update this page as organizations grow and your needs change.

Know something that isn’t listed here that you’re looking for? Let us know.

You’re also welcome to enjoy one of 2 final resources.

How can you be independent with financial planning after divorce? Find 4 keys to success here while navigating your financial choices during and after divorce. There you’ll also find my book, “A Divorcee’s Financial Survival Guide: How to Invest Your Settlement Life An Expert”.

You might not be of the mind to think about your finances right now, but motivation here will pay literal dividends in the future.

You’re not alone in your divorce. Watch our webinar here to learn about financial planning for divorced women with professional financial advice.