The “B” Word Everyone Hates

I know no one likes to live on a budget but when you retire and are no longer collecting a paycheck its critical you live within your means and or monthly cash flow.

The big problem I have found is most people don’t really know what they spend per month.

You may have a general idea what you spend per month but this is one area of financial and retirement planning you need to know your monthly fixed and reoccurring expenses to the penny. Even things you may only pay a few times time a year like vacations, gifts, donations, real estate property tax need to broken down and shown as a monthly cost to get a true picture of your cash flow needs.

Our downloadable form will help you determine your true income and monthly reoccurring expenses. After you know these numbers you will be in a better position to determine if your portfolio will be able to meet your financial long term needs.

After you complete this worksheet, feel free to reach out to me for my evaluation and recommendations for your situation.