Stock Image GlobeIRA Planning
Lee will work closely with you to educate you on the important rules regarding IRA accounts. When it comes to planning for the  distribution of assets currently held in IRA accounts, there are a number of potential hazards that can cost you thousands in penalties and unnecessary taxation. We will help you navigate these hazards and ensure your IRAs remain intact for you and your beneficiaries.

Estate Planning
We will work with you and your attorney to aid in the establishment of wills, trusts, and other legal documents to help you control what you own during your lifetime. This planning also sets the stage for the worry-free transfer of assets to your beneficiaries while minimizing taxes and ensuring your estate avoids probate.

Tax Reduction
We will assist you in various areas of tax reduction including the following: reducing taxes on Social Security Income, capital gains, taxes on interest earning accounts, and the reduction of taxes owed by your beneficiaries upon the inheritance of IRA accounts.

Wealth Management and Retirement Planning
Today more than ever the over used phrase of “Wealth Management and Retirement Planning” means so many different things to so many people. To us at Lee Hyder and Associates it means you’re not alone to make critical decisions about your financial future at critical times in your life. It means our relationship is not based simply on just “trust me” or” my advice” , or “do what I say” but it’s more about giving us an opportunity to help educate you in the world of ‘Free Markets” and all your investment options so you can be an equal partner in all your future investment decisions along the way. Today there’s an abundance of information and resources out there for any investor to review. A lot of this information is self serving or just wrong at best and certainly doesn’t speak to your personal situation.

Our goal is simple and easy to reach: We want to help you make well informed decisions that will help you achieve all your retirement dreams. In our opinion both legal and tax issues are areas that should also be addressed as part of your overall retirement plan. Although our firm does not engage in the practice of law or accounting we have a network of both CPA’S and attorneys who are able to sit with you as well.

Insurance Services
We will also assess the need for protection in the event of death, injury, poor health, and loss of income or property. Our primary concern is focused on protecting you and loved ones from financial tragedy in the event of a physical loss.