The Portfolio MRI®

What lesson have we learned from the sinking of the Titanic?

Experts tell us what sank this great so-called unsinkable ship wasn’t the iceberg that was dead ahead in plain sight; it was the iceberg that was invisible and below the water that actually delivered the deadly blow to the hull of the ship no one could see.
For many investors it’s the same thing. It’s not what you know and you can clearly see on your monthly statements that will destroy your retirement hopes and dreams but it’s what isn’t on your statement.

Take advantage of our Portfolio MRI

By having us complete this complimentary MRI you will learn:

  • What your portfolio’s Standard Deviation is? If you are asking “What’s that?” you are already in trouble. The higher the number the higher the portfolio volatility is. Do you know your number?
  • The MRI will uncover what you are really paying in “total fees” not just the ones you know about. The easiest way to increase your return is to reduce your fees but if you don’t know what your fees are, there is no logical way to find less expensive ones.
  • Learn what percentage of your portfolio is turning over in a year. Portfolio turnover can also reduce your returns by costing you more in needless fees. The higher the turnover the more unnecessary fees. Needless turnover can further reduce your net returns.
  • Learn how many of your mutual funds own the same stocks in them reducing your true diversification and adding redundancy to your portfolio and adding more complexity to managing them. We call this Portfolio Overlap.

To arrange for your complimentary portfolio MRI, complete the form below and someone will be in contact with you.