Pack Your Bags and Hit The Road!

Are you a fan of traveling? Do you save every penny for upcoming trips? Do you spend your lunches at work scrolling through all-inclusive resorts on Expedia? You’re not alone.

Nearly a third of Americans vacation a minimum of 2-3 times a year. It’s fun, of course, but that pastime comes with a heavy price tag. Travel costs are subject to inflation, with flights, insurance, and experiences increasing every year

How can you add traveling to your retirement plan without nuking your income? Here are a few tips:

Consider when you travel. Travel costs are much higher in the peak seasons, as many people can only take time off with their children during this time. Consider booking in the off-season. You might also benefit from your new flexible schedule by booking a vacation during weekdays, not the usual weekend.

Look for options tailored exclusively for seniors. For example, the National Park Service offers special entrance passes—annual and lifetime passes!

Skip the hotel and resorts. RV camping is an affordable option that allows you to take your hotel room with you, saving on lodging costs. You can purchase an RV and save on months’ worth of these costs, or you can rent an RV if you only plan on hitting the road once a year.

Don’t forget insurance! Travel insurance is especially helpful for lost luggage, travel delays, or other woes, but I consider Travel Medical Insurance essential. It can be stressful to become ill or injured on vacation, but adding financial stress on top of it is even worse. Protect yourself and your wallet by shopping around for a comprehensive plan.

And of course, plan before retirement.

I don’t mean the destination; I mean finances.

If you plan on traveling in your golden years, you’ll need money, and it’s best to start planning now. A financial planner like myself can help you get started. To discuss your unique goals, book a 15-minute consultation and chat about your plan (where you are now, and where you want to be in the future), it’s easy – just click the buttons below.