The Profit Puzzle – Should You Sell or Rent Your Property?

An unexpected property inheritance can be a boon or a burden.

But what should you do with it?

On one hand, selling the property can be a windfall and help ease financial stress.

On the other hand, renting the property could be a great long-term investment.

What’s the best option? Ultimately, you should base that decision on where you’re at now and what your goals are

If you’re fairly young, hardworking, smart with money, and not afraid to roll up your sleeves, renting out the property might be the best choice.

You could stand to earn more money over your lifetime by renting. If your property is worth $400k now, it could be worth way more when you are finally ready to sell.

Plus, all that rental income! Let’s have a quick math moment. Let’s say, over 35 years, you average $2,500 in rent per month. You’ve pulled in *checks calculator* $1,050,000.

Even with maintenance and expenses, that’s nothing to scoff at. Plus you still get to sell the house!

But, I understand that the bottom line isn’t everything.

Selling the property now might be in your best interest if you don’t want to deal with the hassles of being a landlord or if you need a cash injection now. Selling may also be ideal if the house is left to more than one person – many families want the house gone and the money split.

A property inheritance could be a significant shake-up in your life, especially if it’s unexpected.

There is much to consider, and whether renting or selling, decisions need to be made.

As a trusted financial advisor, I can help you narrow down the pros and cons and help you make the right call – and figure out how all this money will affect you in the long term.

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