What goes around, comes around!

Do you know someone who recently returned to their old job despite having what seemed like a better prospect?

Or, someone reentering the workforce after bailing during the pandemic, like a nurse or a teacher?

It seemed like they made a change for the better, so what happened?

The large number of boomerang employees we saw in 2023 could be a side effect of the Great Resignation. Stories are emerging about workers who quit their jobs during the pandemic, and many now admit they were better off employed, even if the job wasn’t that great.

Perhaps part of that feeling comes with the skyrocketing cost of living. Just think, housing prices have jumped upwards of 20%. In some areas, it’s even higher.

Food prices are also increasing rapidly – even the traditionally cheap ‘junk food’ is no longer affordable… goodbye, Big Mac!

No wonder people are rethinking their choices!

What should you do if you’re considering returning to an old job? Here are a few steps to help you make an informed decision:

  1. If you get your foot back in the door for an interview, tell them how you have advanced since you were there last, like new skills learned that would benefit your old role.
  2. Left because of the pay or the hours? A good employer won’t hold it against you. If you were a good employee, it just makes sense to hire you back. Be confident and polite in your negotiations.
  3. The most humble action could be to fall on your own sword. Be honest. If your new role isn’t working out, it’s ok to be clear about this. Talk about what worked well in your old role and how you could approach it differently this time. Own it.

The decision to return to an old job isn’t an easy one. Take the time to weigh these considerations thoughtfully before making a final choice.

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